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Teamspeak 3

IP: ts3.cks-gaming.co.uk


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DateTeamOpponent Style Players Results
21 Jul 2012Europe CKS United-Kingdom [GSE] Conquest Domination 8on82/2
13 May 2012Europe CKS Europe |TC| Tournament 5on50/0
3 May 2012Europe CKS United-Kingdom [EGC] Tournament 5on513/11
29 Apr 2012Europe CKS Europe =]Dw[= Tournament 5on520/4
25 Apr 2012Europe CKS Europe eZ| Tournament 5on517/7
23 Apr 2012Europe CKS United-Kingdom [woob] ESL 5v5 5on565/10
17 Apr 2012Europe CKS Europe FRU Tournament 5on517/7
16 Apr 2012Europe CKS Russia [tTz] ESL Infantry 5v5 5on571/193
11 Apr 2012Europe CKS Russia -RT0- ESL Infantry 5v5 5on52/0
9 Apr 2012Europe CKS France K-LibR ESL Infantry 5v5 5on50/2
8 Apr 2012Europe CKS Europe pvK. Ladder 5on525/9
4 Apr 2012Europe CKS Europe [EW] Small conquest ESL r 8on83/0
2 Apr 2012Europe CKS Europe R6| Bravo Tournament 5on518/6
1 Apr 2012Europe CKS Europe *OCB* Small conquest norma 8on84/0
31 Mar 2012Europe CKS France REG N/A13/7
31 Mar 2012Europe CKS Germany D.Tt N/A13/17
31 Mar 2012Europe CKS Europe Vendetta. N/A24/24
30 Mar 2012Europe CKS Europe Blue.ASUS N/A7/25
27 Mar 2012Europe CKS Europe *OCB* Conquest 8on83/1
25 Mar 2012Europe CKS Poland DF N/A13/10
25 Mar 2012Europe CKS Russia RsT N/A17/15
25 Mar 2012Europe CKS Germany D.Tt N/A8/13
24 Mar 2012Europe CKS Italy MSI N/A25/19

23 Wars: 15 Won - 5 Lost - 3 Draw - 0 Pending

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